April 3, 2014

Project | Noah + Stella Love

I present to you my biggest challenge on #ourhomeschooldays ... moms who homeschool with toddlers around - high five!

Project | Noah + Stella Love

... let your gentleness be evident to all. do not be anxious, let your requests be made known. the peace of God will then guard your heart & mind. philippians 4:4-7 #ourhomeschooldays

March 31, 2014

Hope Spoken.

I absolutely loved EVERY speaker at @hopespoken & am extremely grateful to each one of them for pouring out their hearts to us through their stories ... I have never cried so much! Good, thankful cries though. On @kelliandvanessa I just posted what I walked away with from the conference ... xo

March 30, 2014

Project | Noah + Stella Love

Nothing like looking into the rear view mirror & seeing this. Happy little clams ... I love them so much. #donutswithmama

March 27, 2014

Project | Noah + Stella Love

The girls attempting to #embracethecamera today in the wind ... it was so gorgeous out! ❤️

March 21, 2014

Immeasureable Love

The last two days it's just been he & I out together & I've loved it so very much. When he was a baby, I recall thinking to myself, how in the world could I love any other child more? I would even cry about it. Then his beautiful sister came along & rocked my world. So from where I stand today, I now realize there's no measure to my love ... there's no sharing my love between the two. My motherly love is immeasurable, forever growing & everlasting ... I love this little boy even more today. ❤️

February 28, 2014

Lately ...

Is the life I lead, the life that longs to live in me? A question posed by @rebekahlyons that has stuck with me this month ... & is still resonating in my heart. Lord, ALL I desire is you.